Prophetic Insight – “Sow For Tomorrow!”

Hello Everyone! I’m back after tacking a break to set up our new church facility. So thankful for everything that God has provided. He is so faithful to His Word.
While I was in prayer today, the Lord said to me, “What are you sowing for tomorrow?” He continued to say, “Robyn how you sow will determine how long you reap for.”
The word of the Lord for this season is, “How are sow, will determine the duration and when you reap.”

If you sow because of obligation, the duration of your reaping will only last for today. But, if you sow as a free will offering, the duration of your reaping you will see today and tomorrow and the effect will touch beyond you to your generations. A free will offering means that you give to the Lord, but don’t remind him what your giving or giving up. Otherwise, you are trying to hold the Lord at ransom for your service. We as the church must give freely as He gave freely. We are not doing God a favor.

I hope that this encourages and challenges you as it has me. Be blessed!

– Dr Robyn Kassas