In a day and age where evolution is being taught in our schools, universities, and even homes, how do we stand firm by our belief in the Word Of God? Can we as Christians combat the world’s view with scientific fact and truth? In this series, we will talk about the Origins of the World and the Origins of Man and how they line up with the eternal plan of our Father. We will come to understand that there is more to us than just a coincidence of events or an accidental combination of chemicals, rather we were put here for a divine and intricate purpose. We will discuss different theories and their arguments, and see what the Word Of God teaches about who we are and why we were created.

It’s imperative that we as Christians not only walk in faith but understand the truths behind the meaning of Scripture and know our purpose for being created. We did not just happen, we created with a destiny, a future, and a calling to fulfill.

Join us as we discover that Science doesn’t argue against an eternal Creator but points to one.


This series will be taught by Ps Tony Kassas


These topics will be taught and discussed in detail.

Other topics and subjects from our Business & Administration syllabus and training manuals, that have not been listed will also be taught and workshopped. 

  1. Origins of The Universe

  2. Origins of The Earth

  3. Origins of Mankind

  4. The Flood

Registration Details:

Full Seminar: $50

Single Session: $35


Saturday, July 15th, 2017

1st Session: 4-6pm

Break: 6-7pm

2nd Session: 7-9pm


The School Of Apostles and Prophets

209 W 40th St. – Ground Floor

New York, NY – 10018


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