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Located in New York City — one of the most influential cities in the world — SOAP is here to take you beyond just implementing Biblical principles. Our God-given mandate is to shift you into the deepest part of your relationship and calling in Jesus Christ. This is accomplished not only through Biblical teaching and foundation, but also through equipping each student to hear the Voice Of God and live an active lifestyle of communication with the Holy Spirit.

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We Don't Believe In Being Spectators!

At The School Of Apostles and Prophets we believe every person has a destiny and calling, and now is the time for us to step into the fullness of that calling. This means we — the saints — are the movement of God. There is no more “one man” show. Now more than ever, the saints are being raised up as an army to be fully equipped and matured for the work of the Kingdom. 

Because of this unwavering declaration, it is our mission to raise up effective, mature and powerful fivefold ministers. We are to be people of change that will stand fully equipped; walk in complete intimacy with Jesus Christ; take back the Kingdoms of this World; and make manifest His Will on the Earth. I challenge you to become a part of this mandate, and look forward to the transformation that will take place in your life. I invite you to prayerfully consider joining our School so you are no longer a spectator but a participant. It’s time for the Saints Movement!

This is one of a number of recent books from authors who had a front row seat at the birth of the digital economy. In this case the journey unfolds through the proxy of Four—Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook.
Gary Moreau Associate Marketing
The prose is quick and witty. Some of the witty is admittedly built on more than a whiff of cynicism: “At its core, Apple fills two instinctual needs: to feel closer to God and be more attractive to the opposite sex.”
Lauren Lara Associate Marketing
And the book is chock full of interesting trivia: “The cocktail of low-cost product and premium prices has landed Apple with a cash pile greater than the GDP of Denmark, the Russian stock market, and the market cap of Boeing, Airbus, and Nike combined.”
John Doe Associate Marketing
This book is entertainingly written, but it comes off much more as a rant about how bad these companies are than a straightforward look at how they operate. If it were a newspaper article, this would go in the opinion section, not the business section.
Sean Harding Associate Marketing


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