The School of Apostles and Prophets curriculum is designed and geared toward fully equipping the Body of Christ in the fivefold ministries, with a strong focus on the Apostolic and Prophetic.

Courses are conducted with the aim of training and equipping both members and visitors who are either called to fivefold ministry or who want to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ. 

The syllabus is built upon the foundations of the Apostolic and Prophetic, and will transform you and unleash the life that you were created to live!


Choose from streams uniquely structured to fully enhance your ministry and deepen your relationship with the Lord

Study Options

Class are one/two day events that are offered on demand. These classes run in conjunction with the SOAP semesters are open to all. If you want to get acquainted with the experience of studying at SOAP, our classes are a great introduction. They will equip, enhance, and awaken you for your destiny!

SOAP Short Courses are classes that meeting weekly, and last anywhere from 6 – 12 Weeks. They focus in all areas of ministry, and Christian life, and form the base of the yearly curriculum of SOAP. These courses are a great way for anyone to enhance their understanding in ministry and are a great solution for short term study.

Certificate Programs are the most advanced study option at SOAP. They are year long programs that consist of three core academic modules in the year. Each program is designed to fully excel the student in their chosen subject, and students are thrust into a lifestyle of study, ministry, outreach, and expansion.


Our curriculum is comprised of modules, courses, and programs that have been developed and structure by tested Fivefold Men/Women of God, who’s reach has had a global impact for the last 35+ years .Each year the SOAP Board and Dean of School seek the Holy Spirit as to which courses to offer and present. This is done so that the revelation being shared is current and relevant for what the Lord is doing NOW in his church. Curriculum is added to by careful prayer, discernment, and tested fruit. 

Academics Elements

Class Size

Class sizes range from 15 - 50 people depending upon the course/program. We treat each individual student with a unique approach, so that permanent transformation takes place. No matter the size of the class, no one gets lost in the crowd.

Relational Journalling

Journalling and is a key part of our curriculum so get ready to write down what God is saying. Journalling and personal devotion time will be assigned after most sessions. This teaches the student to first pursue relationship not revelation.


Homework is given with each session. This can range from research, personal development, activations, prayer, journalling, etc. Each assignment is designed to completely establish the truths and rhema taught.


One of the most important academic elements of our curriculum is the integration of practical workshops and activations. Students do not only learn via lectures and teachings, they also are guided in activating what they learn practically through workshops, group ministry, and interactive exercises.

Required Reading

Depending on the students selected stream of study, additional reading may be required. Reading can range from Biblical reading plans to material that is selected for enhancement of the topics and subjects taught in each course.

Grading Criteria

SOAP is entirely pass/no pass. Either you graduate with certificate of completion or you do not pass the course/program and may not be eligible to further study advanced modules. Each course syllabus indicates the requirements for successful completion.

Fivefold Distinctions

The academic instruction at the School Of Apostles and Prophets is unique as is taught by Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers. These fivefold ministers have been proven and tested in years of successful, powerful, and accountable ministry.

While we welcome other guest lecturers to contribute to our students input and study, the SOAP is primary built on the foundations of the five-fold office, and it’s necessity for the times in which we live. Therefore, our instructors are primarily five-fold officers that have been called, chosen, and commissioned.

Graduation Requirements

To successfully graduate from a course/program, students need to have met all the academic, attendance, financial requirements and satisfactorily show transformation and growth in their journey. Their spiritual accountability must witness the Fruit of the Spirit and endorse their comprehension of the revelation taught so that it is actively walked out each day.

To receive a Certificate Of Completion, students must have:

  • – Completed all assignments
  • – Attendance all prescribes activations and workshops
  • – Paid their tuition in full.
  • – Been absent for no more than 2 sessions.

Demonstrated consistent godly character and a willingness to learn.

For more detailed information regarding graduation requirements please visit