At this time, SOAP is not an accredited, degree-granting educational institution with the State of New York. Therefore, students are not eligible for financial aid, student loans, grants or tax benefits. However, a Certificate of Completion is issued to those that meet graduation requirements which serves as a validation and reference to future ministry employers.

Partners & Institutions

We are proud to partner with other spirit filled organizations that share our vision and passion. 

These universities and colleges will recognize prior learning through SOAP, and grant transferable credit for completed coursework and programs.
This is a great option for graduates and provides an exciting pathway for further education and training.

Christian Leadership University

SOAP is proud to have a close friendship and partnership agreement with Christian Leadership University. CLU recognizes the need for the Voice Of The Spirit as the foundation for everything and gives credit for all courses and programs taught by SOAP. It is the mission of Christian Leadership University to raise up Spirit-anointed leaders who disciple nations.

Christian International

As the Apostolic Oversight of SOAP, Christian International Ministries has been critical in pioneering the Apostolic and Prophetic movement on the earth for the last 60 years. Christian International Ministries recognizes prior learning at SOAP and it courses, programs, and classes.