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Calling all Artists! What is your purpose? Why are you here?

As artists and people of creativity we have been gifted with many talents. Throughout our journey and discovery of these gifts, it’s easy for us to get caught up in perfecting our abilities, but to lose sight of the reason why we do what we do. Does God love creative expression? Is my purpose to just entertain, or is there something more?

In this special seminar, our Assoc. Pastor and Creative Director — Ps. Nathan Kassas — will share from his own journey and life experience as a professional creative/performing artist for over 20 Years. We will discuss God’s purpose for the Arts, and why we as artists are so important to release the moves of God in this time and moment of history.

Come along and discover the purpose behind your calling and how you can change culture history with your gift.

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Nathan’s experience as a dancer, choreographer, singer and songwriter span the globe.  As a featured soloist, he has performed for Cutting Edge Composers III at the NYMF Festival in New York City, the Sydney Royal Easter Show, Pacific Youth Opera, World Youth Day, Australian National Rugby League (National Anthem soloist), and the United Nations Universal Peace Federation Awards.  Nathan’s choreography has been featured at major events like World Youth Day 2008, Global Youth Festival 2008, Peace Ambassador Awards, Living for Others Awards and the Sydney Royal Easter Show (six years running). It’s also been seen on The Today Show (Aus), The Detour (Channel V Aus.) and Fox Sports (Aus), and used in the RSPCA National Campaign’s “Breathe of Life” music video in Australia. He has also assisted the choreographers of So You Think You Can Dance Australia at their request, and was featured in the VIP Pre Show for the Rihanna and Chris Brown tour in Australia in 2008.

Nathan has had extensive experience as the head instructor, artistic director and choreographer at Next Level Generation Performing Arts Company (NLG) in Sydney, Australia, a company he helped found.  NLG serves as many as 300 students per week of varying levels. Their elite group has performed at venues all over Sydney and internationally, including the Sydney Royal Easter Show, [and what else?]. Nathan has also taught private voice lessons, ear training, hip-hop, modern dance, performance and stage presence, songwriting and composition.  He has also conducted voice workshops, dance classes and masterclasses in public schools throughout Sydney. Nathan has taken his voice and dance instruction overseas to students of all types of backgrounds, including the slums of Nairobi Kenya, performing for and teaching thousands of impoverished children, as well as Malaysia and Indonesia. He has also taught at the Australian Institute of Performing Arts, Crossover Dance Studios and Sydney Dance Company.  

As a songwriter, Nathan has ghost-written songs for many artists including Urban Prophetz, Christy Faith, Aladdin Royale, Ministry of Sound Productions, Living Truth, Collide Music, SONY Australia, and Unstoppable Productions, and Next Level Generation.  He is the principle songwriter for the worship teams of TORCC-NY and TORCC-Sydney, where his songs are featured weekly. He co-wrote the book, composed the music, and wrote original musical arrangements for the Next Level Generation Performing Arts Company musical The Journey, played to sold-out audiences at The River Theater in Sydney, Australia.  He is currently co-writing a new musical with Robyn Kassas and Virginia Hart Pike entitled City of Dreams, songs from which have been performed at Joe’s Pub, the NYMF Festival and Imagin8 Arts Co in New York City.

As Worship Leader and Creative Arts Pastor of Times of Refreshing Christian Center (TORCC-NY), Nathan currently leads and trains the worship band and works with Head Pastor Robyn Kassas to carry out the creative vision of the church.  He served as the worship band leader at Times of Refreshing Christian Center, Sydney for 10 years, beginning at the age of 14 years old. He has led worship music conferences in Asia, America, Europe and Australia.

Nathan is also a key member involved in the overseeing and directing the ministry and events at TORCC NY. From personal ministry media editing, event direction, coordinating people, to training teams, overseeing ministry departments, Nathan is involved in all aspects of the church and it’s pioneering. He and his beautiful wife Natalie, have two amazing children Keren and Levi.

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This series will be taught by Ps. Nathan Kassas

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These topics will be taught and discussed in detail.

Other topics and subjects from our Worship & Arts syllabus and training manuals, that have not been listed will also be taught and workshopped. 

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Topics Include:

  1. The Trinity: The Most Creative Being.
  2. The Purpose For Creativity.
  3. The Power In Creative Expression.
  4. Recycling Vs. Creating.
  5. Everyone Has A Sound.
  6. Your Sound Can Only Be Activated By You.
  7. Stop Comparing and Start Completing.
  8. What Is Your Message As An Artist?

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Full Seminar: $50

Single Session: $35

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Saturday, July 14th, 2018

1st Session: 4-6pm

Break: 6-7pm

2nd Session: 7-9pm

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The School Of Apostles and Prophets

209 W 40th St. – Ground Floor

New York, NY – 10018

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