Core Values

Core Values

The School Of Apostles and Prophets (SOAP) is committed to equipping the Body of Christ.  

Every member of the Church has been given certain gifts and callings that brings forth their individuality and special placement in the Body. SOAP is also committed to placing your ministry and training aspirations in their proper relation to God and family.  Loving God and loving people is at our core!

Core Values

God Wants To Communicate

God still speaks to His children in many and various ways, but many have not been taught how to hear the Shepherd’s voice. Jesus said,”My sheep hear My voice”. We are committed to helping the student discern the voice of the Lord. The prophetic includes both the one speaking and the one hearing the word of the Lord.

Biblically Based Spiritual Experiences

The Bible is full of examples of men and women experiencing supernatural encounters with the Spirit of God. Because these encounters always involve mysterious and unexplainable phenomena, they have been described as ‘mystical’ experiences. Today, mysticism is usually associated with the occult, but originally it was linked with biblically based spiritual experiences. All of our experiences in the supernatural must be biblically based and glorifying Jesus Christ. Christ and His Word are the ‘Sun’ that keeps every ‘planet’(saint) securely orbiting in the solar system of His grace.

Atmosphere Of Grace And Excellence

People in training make mistakes. People learn fastest when they realize that SOAP gives room for novices and the unlearned, to try and sometimes miss, rather than not try at all! We do not devalue the word of the Lord by trying and ‘missing’, nor do we devalue the worth of the student, for whom Christ died, by rejecting their ministry.

Naturally Supernatural

The book of Acts gives us a blueprint for how we as believers are to live in the world. The early Church experienced miracles on a daily basis. We are to experience miracles every day too. Western culture is rooted in the Hellenistic worship of logic/science. This has greatly prohibited the occurrence miracles. We don't have to necessarily walk into it the miraculous as we are to walk with it!

Accountability Creates Security

Everyone in the Kingdom of God is accountable to someone. Wether it is members of the church to their various leaders, or shepherds to their apostolic covering, or apostles to other apostles, every believer answers to someone and ultimately to God. SOAP has distinct ministerial parameters that are designed to help the student feel safety with flexibility. This is God’s way of creating a safety net if something might be amiss. SOAP students are accountable to the Dean for everything that is said and done in the classroom.

Spirituality Doesn't Equality Maturity

Immature people can be spiritual. Exercising spiritual gifts or experiencing the supernatural is not a sign of maturity! This is a common mistake people make. Maturity is measured by the fruit of the Spirit, and a consistent Christian life in the believer. The fruit os the Spirit is encouraged above the gifts!

Freedom Is A Journey

Predisposed mindsets in the student create strongholds of thought and emotion that need to be destroyed, in order for the student to go forward. Being freed from oppression takes time, deliverance, delicate care and the establishment of the Word of God as the strong tower in our hearts.

Not "I", but "Christ" In Me

True Christianity is Christ living His life and doing His Father's will through us. When we were born again, we died and Christ began to live. The lives we now live in our bodies we live by faith in the Son of God! We became the little ``i`` and Christ the Big 'I`` in our lives. We are not to live OUR lives and love the Lord, but allow Him to live HIS Life as we submit willfully to His will not ours!

Training Is For Reigning

Trials and tribulations are ultimately used to test us to see how we respond to adversities. Our responses will determine our rewards in the eternal ages. Our life on earth is therefore a training ground for our eternal reign with Christ. God is more interested in our eternal rewards than our earthly ones. This is why Jesus emphasized that we should gather up treasure in heaven.