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Operating In The Prophetic

Operating In The Prophetic

Ps. Tony Kassas
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This course solidifies the student in operating in the gift of prophecy with a special emphasis on personal prophecy.

Prophecy like every other gift and call of the Holy Spirit must be put into its proper perspective and placement along with other gifts and callings in the Body of Christ. We are to avoid extremes, but not be afraid of our ‘wineskins’ being stretched to the limit.

Operating in the Prophetic encourages participants to better grasp prophecies concerning geographical moves, marriage, healing, business and financial directives, pregnancies, ministry and callings, death and judgments etc. It teaches how to respond to prophecies you may have received but not seen the fulfillment of. The hundreds of students who have taken this course have all testified that this has been one of the most clarifying courses of study concerning prophecy, its operation, reception, and fulfillment.

The teachings in this course make the boundaries concerning personal prophecy clear. We encourage church members and leaders alike to participate because it is a ground breaker regarding the operation of these gifts in the context of a local church!

Those students who have taken the ‘Prophetic Foundations’ course are strongly encouraged to continue through to this course. New students will definitely benefit as this is a proven stand alone course as well.

Meet Your Equipper

Ps. Tony Kassas


These topics will be taught and discussed in detail.

Other topics and subjects from our prophetic syllabus and training manuals, that have not been listed will also be taught and workshopped. 

  1. Prophetic Terminology
  2. The Four Realms of Prophecy
  3. The Gift of Prophecy in the Local Church
  4. Introduction to The New Testament Prophet
  5. Guidelines for Handling Personal Prophecy
  6. Proper Responses to Personal Prophecy
  7. Hindrances to the Fulfillment of Personal Prophecy
  8. Putting Personal Prophecy into Proper Perspective
  9. Personal Prophecies regarding Divine Healing
  10. Personal Prophecies regarding Ministries, Gifts, and Callings
  11. Personal Prophecies regarding Romance and Marriage
  12. Personal Prophecies regarding Business and Finances
  13. Personal Prophecies regarding Major Decisions and Geographical Moves
  14. Personal Prophecies regarding Pregnancies
  15. Personal Prophecies regarding Life and Death situations
  16. Discovering God’s Word, Will, and Way
  17. Preparation for Advancing in the prophetic course
  18. Prophetic conclusion and charge


Coming Fall 2019!


10 Weeks


209 W 40th St. Ground Fl New York, NY – 10018

Join us and take part in this life changing course for the low-cost price of

$285 per person
Payment Options

Innovative Learning

Innovative Learning Enviroment

The course takes place in a variety of contexts including lecture style classes, group-work, presentation, self-directed learning activities, workshop, tutorials and work based training.


Assessment methods include written assignments such as reports and journals, oral and written presentations, observation, tests, and work place training.


Homework may be assigned depending on the Session. Type of homework may vary from week to week. Assignment and assessment of homework will be done by S.O.A.P lecturers.

Teaching Sessions

Teaching Sessions – each week will include 2.5 hr session – lecture style Some sessions will assign homework and previous teaching sessions will be used to stimulate discussion.

Additional Requirements

  • Requirements
  • Practicum
  • Attendance

This course is designed for those that sense a calling to the fivefold ministry and it’s offices. As the Prophetic and Apostolic gift and office are taught in extensive detail, it is recommended (not required) that students have first completed Foundations In The Prophetic or have a basic understanding of the Prophetic and Apostolic ministries.  These guidelines are set in place to allow the student to receive the full benefit of the program.

This is an interactive course requiring students to participate in practical workshops. These workshops will be conducted under the guidance of the senior S.O.A.P. leadership team. All students that are enrolled in the course must participate in these workshops.

S.O.A.P. in conjunction with TORCC NY, will conduct it’s prophetic ministry nights called, “Dipping Night” — as a part of the curriculum of the Apostolic and Prophetic Stream of study. This will be a chance for students to put what they have learnt into practice and to receive some feedback to make them ready and capable of ministering in Apostolic and Prophetic ministry.  Attendance to this event is mandatory and required to successfully receive a certificate of completion.

* The required amount of attendance for each individual event will be dependent upon the course of study. In most cases, a student will need to have attended at least two Dipping Night’s to be eligible to successfully graduate with a certificate of completion. 

**During these activations and workshops, SOAP leadership or staff may conduct a spiritual gifting assessment, so that the student can gain the full benefit of learning. The results of these assessments will be provided to the student at the discretion of SOAP leadership. Students may request their results by speaking with the Director Of School. 

To receive a certificate of completion, students must have at least %90 attendance. Students will be permitted to be absent for no more than two lecture sessions.


*Special circumstances will be taken into consideration.
**If you that you will not be present for a specific date, you may notify the Director of the School no later than one week after orientation. 
***Materials can be provided for the requested session only once approved by the Director of the School.

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