To Equip & Mature


Located in New York City — one of the most influential cities in the world — SOAP is here to take you beyond just implementing Biblical principles. Our God-given mandate is to shift you into the deepest part of your relationship and calling in Jesus Christ. This is accomplished not only through Biblical teaching and foundation, but also through equipping each student to hear the Voice Of God and live an active lifestyle of communication with the Holy Spirit. SOAP’s mandate goes beyond training and building ministers, it draws people into true intimacy and relationship with Jesus Christ. Manhood (character) comes before ministry and therefore, SOAP puts great emphasis on the student’s growth in character as well as their spiritual gifting.

Our History

Over the past three decades, SOAP has equipped and ministered to over 5000 students worldwide, and travelled to every continent to see the Body Of Christ activated in their God-given calling and destiny.

SOAP is designed as a Prophetic and Apostolic training center purposed to equip the Body Of Christ in each fivefold ministry/office and enter each believer into complete intimacy with Jesus Christ. We have a variety of programs, short courses, classes, and many other study options available — this includes an online campus for those who are outside the New York area. Our programs will require total commitment to the revelational truths shared, so that these truths will not only equip us for effective ministry, but mature us to be the army of God equal in gifting and character.

To Expect?

Students will learn to live from a life of total surrender, intimacy, supernatural power, and abandon whilst experiencing hands on training in all forms of fivefold ministry. Each moment at SOAP is built on the foundation of knowing every second that God is communicating. Through the courses and programs taught, students will learn to walk in synchronization with the Holy Spirit, and realize the necessity of the Voice Of The Lord for more than social status, but the survival of our identity in Christ.  SOAP is more than just an experience , rather it will lead you to live a life of transformation and therefore your whole relationship with the Lord will be forever changed!

7 Reasons Why SOAP Is For You!

Have you been awakened to the void of purpose in your life? 

Do you long to live in divine wholeness — body, soul, and spirit and not settle just for wellness?

Do you desire to live an active lifestyle of intimacy with Jesus?

Do you long to see the secrets of God revealed —  “How it works” and “Why it works”?

Are you ready to be a part of the the second breath of Prophecy?  (Ezekiel 37:10)

Are you a part of the unfolding of the End Time saints movement to walk in supernatural power?

Are you called to the Fivefold office and await the necessary training for activation?

What Makes Us Unique?

Corporate Yet Personal

Whilst our vision is to transform and equip the Body Of Christ as a whole, we do not neglect the necessity of mentoring through personal relationship and connection. At SOAP each student is treated with unique sensitivity and focus. We welcome quantity of students but equally focus on the quality of students, so that each individual may walk out the full the call of God on their lives to become active contributors and reformers.

Six Uniquely Designed Streams

SOAP's curriculum is designed to fully equip the Body of Christ in the fivefold ministries, with a strong focus on the Apostolic and Prophetic. Study options are separated into five streams: Apostolic & Prophetic, Relationship & Intimacy, Business & Administration, Theology & Foundations, Prayer & Intercession, Worship & Creative. Each stream focuses on deepening the students personal relationship with Jesus Christ and embracing their true Identity.

Influential and Central Location

SOAP is located right in the heart of NYC -- a global hub of cultures from all over the earth. What makes us profoundly unique, is that we are the only equipping center for Fivefold and Prophetic ministry located in the most influential city in the world. We consider this an incredible honor, and therefore take up the responsibility to see New York City revived, and each mountain of society and culture become the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Impacting Globally

Our leadership and team have been actively equipping the Body Of Christ in Fivefold ministry for over 35 years. Our ministry has reached every continent on the globe, from Asia to Africa, and has been instrumental in awakening thousands of hearts to embrace their calling as the saints of God. Through hands on ministry, SOAP's team has activated hundred of churches to operate in effective and powerful Fivefold Ministry.

Strong Community and Accountability

SOAP is proud to facilitate a growing community that provides a hub for networking, growth, connection, and accountability for all our students. It is through this thriving community that students come alongside other like minded people and are able to excel in sharpening one another's character and gifting. By presenting a place where students can stretch out and find their footing, we provide a safe net for growth and acceleration without condemnation or judgement.

Hands On Ministry Training and Activation

Soap fosters a hands on approach to training students the work of ministry. Knowledge is only half of the learning process - so without practical application the training is incomplete as the student has not yet experienced real ministry scenarios. By integrating each student into practical workshops, activations, and required servitude, each student is able to outwork what they are learning and take an ``on-the-job`` approach to their spiritual growth and ministry training. Our staff not only teach from the pulpit, but also come alongside each student and mentor them through close relationship, accountability, demonstration.