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SOAP puts a great deal of emphasis on our relationship with God above all else.  God created a MAN in His image not a ministry.  Our manhood and womanhood are what we really are as people at the core.  We encourage sonship as the first step to being a real man/woman.  Its who we are and not what we do that glorifies God and blesses His heart.  SOAP understands that every great minister of the Bible had God develop their manhood for extended periods of time before commissioning them in their ministry.  Moses, David, Elijah and Jesus all went through periods of great preparation before coming into their ultimate call.

Manhood/Womanhood includes establishing the following disciplines:

  • Prayer and Communion with God on a daily basis
  • Family and Work priorities
  • Financial Accountability and prosperity
  • Local church commitments
  • Service



Ministry flows out of our relationship with Jesus.  SOAP is committed to making every student a confident minister of the grace that they have received.  We assist the student in discerning the gift mix that God has given them and how to prepare, perfect and propagate that grace.  Whether it be healing, prophecy or teaching, whatever God has given you will be located, sharpened and matured.  Ministry is not just getting the talking right, but to demonstrate the Kingdom of God with power.  SOAP encourages all of its students to move in supernatural demonstrations of the Holy Spirit to the glorification of Jesus Christ.

Ministry includes establishing the following disciplines:

  • Sound Theology
  • Proper Motive
  • Ministerial Accountability
  • Long Term Effectiveness



Because our gift mixes are different, and because we are not called to the same spheres of ministry, our messages need to be distinctively geared for the people we have been called to reach.  Our messages leave no room for ‘babbling’, but need to be spoken in the language of the culture we are engaging.  Communicating the Good News is not just repeating the story of the cross, but doing it with ‘authority’, vibrancy, and with practical application to the hearer.  To the Church or the unchurched we endeavor to keep it simple.   How we present the message is equally important to what we are saying.

Message includes establishing the following disciplines:

  • Clear Biblical content and context
  • Excellence in communication skills
  • Real life application
  • Familiarity with suitable forms of media usage