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This certificate covers a six month period and twenty eight lessons in all.  It combines the “Foundations, Operating and Advancing in the Prophetic” courses as one unit. 

SOAP is excited to offer this new program as a key part of it’s curriculum for 2017! This program is especially designed to equip students in all levels of prophetic ministry and it is not for the faint of heart, as there will be numerous coursework, workshops, seminars, and assignments to complete. If you are looking to establish yourself in the Prophetic ministry then this is the program for you. Students will complete three courses within a six month period, with each course building on the foundations of the preceding module.  It will emirs students in hands on ministry and activation both in the local church setting as well as the classroom. As students learn what it is to be prophetic and the responsibility that the prophetic office brings, they will be equipped to minister with accuracy, love, discernment, and boldness. At the end of this program students will receive a prophetic presbytery and the laying on of hands by all fivefold offices to call and commission them. Therefore, we strongly recommend this program to those who feel called to the Apostolic and Prophetic Office.

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[iconbox type=”4″ icon_title=”Establish” title_color=”#ffffff” iconbox_content=”This program establishes the foundations for prophetic ministry. Students will learn what prophetic ministry is, it’s need in the Body of Christ, and how to effectively grow in it. As well as training the student in hands on ministry and prophetic gifting, this program established mature character and sound doctrine which is needed when exercising any prophetic calling or gift. Through being apart of a strong prophetic community students learn to live in accountability and transparency.” content_color=”#f7f7f7″ link_color=”#ffffff” icon_color=”#bca587″ icon_name=”sl-anchor”]
[iconbox type=”4″ icon_title=”ACTIVATE” title_color=”#ffffff” iconbox_content=”All forms of prophecy are activated and exercises through this program. Students are serve into ministry settings and attend workshops where they are placed on prophetic team to exercise their gift. By learning on the job as well as in the classroom, students are taught the clear parameters of personal, corporate, and atmospheric prophecy and how to stay within them so that they minister life and not death. Personal prophecy is greatly enhanced through the repetitions of use in the classroom and gatherings alike. ” content_color=”#f7f7f7″ link_color=”#ffffff” icon_color=”#bca587″ icon_name=”icon-megaphone”]
[iconbox type=”4″ icon_title=”Commission” title_color=”#ffffff” iconbox_content=”A strong focus on releasing the student’s gift in Word Of Knowledge is activated at the end of this program. Discernment by the student and SOAP leadership is called upon to identify the students place in the Body of Christ. As this is discovered, the Prophetic Ministry is married with the burden and call of intercession as students understand to be a Prophet, you must first be an intercessor. By the end student will be ready for commissioning and activation with a fivefold prophetic presbytery. ” content_color=”#f7f7f7″ link_color=”#ffffff” icon_color=”#bca587″ icon_name=”fa-signing”]


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Outcome & Fruit :


This certificate covers a six month period and twenty eight lessons in all.  It combines the “Foundations, Operating and Advancing in the Prophetic” courses as one unit.  At the end of this certificate program the student will be able:

[list-ul type=”arrow”][li-row]To know and explain the foundational Biblical truths that are the cornerstone for prophetic ministry.[/li-row][/list-ul]
[list-ul type=”arrow”][li-row]To be confident in knowing what spiritual gifts are available to the believer through the Holy Spirit, their function and their activation in the local church.[/li-row][/list-ul]
[list-ul type=”arrow”][li-row]Understand the Church’s history from Pentecost to the present, and how the restoration of the Church began at the Reformation.[/li-row][/list-ul]
[list-ul type=”arrow”][li-row]Avoid all the pitfalls of the patriarchs and prophets and use their lives as examples of what to imitate and avoid.[/li-row][/list-ul]
[list-ul type=”arrow”][li-row]To understand the scope and content of prophecy and how these scopes (spheres) differ according to one’s call.[/li-row][/list-ul]
[list-ul type=”arrow”][li-row]To understand the functionality of the Apostle and Prophet in local, national, or international levels.[/li-row][/list-ul]
[list-ul type=”arrow”][li-row]To minister with confidence the word of the Lord through prophecy and understand the basic elements of visions and dreams and how they are to interpreted.[/li-row][/list-ul]
[list-ul type=”arrow”][li-row]To understand and promote women in ministry.[/li-row][/list-ul]
[list-ul type=”arrow”][li-row]To remember the significant bible verses that undergird all that you learn.[/li-row][/list-ul]
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Our Certificate Program is comprised of these three core courses. 
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Registration Details:

Program Duration: 6 Months

Full Program: $725


Thanks for your interest in our Certificate In The Prophetic Program. We’re excited for our 2018 programs and this program is set to start in Winter 2018!


The School Of Apostles and Prophets

209 W 40th St. // Ground Floor

New York, NY – 10018

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This course is designed for those that sense a calling to the fivefold ministry and it’s offices. As the gifts of the spirit are taught in detail, we recommend that the student have a basic knowledge of journalling, the Prophetic and Apostolic ministries, and has received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. These guidelines are set in place to allow the student to receive the full benefit of the program.

To receive a certificate of completion, students must have at least %90 attendance. Students will be permitted to be absent for no more than two lecture sessions.


*Special circumstances will be taken into consideration.
**If you that you will not be present for a specific date, you may notify the Director of the School no later than one week after orientation. 
***Materials can be provided for the requested session only once approved by the Director of the School.

This is an interactive course requiring students to participate in practical workshops. These workshops will be conducted under the guidance of the senior S.O.A.P. leadership team. All students that are enrolled in the course must participate in these workshops.

S.O.A.P. in conjunction with TORCC NY, will conduct it’s prophetic ministry nights called, “Dipping Night” — as a part of the curriculum of the Apostolic and Prophetic Stream of study. This will be a chance for students to put what they have learnt into practice and to receive some feedback to make them ready and capable of ministering in Apostolic and Prophetic ministry.  Attendance to this event is mandatory and required to successfully receive a certificate of completion.


* The required amount of attendance for each individual event will be dependent upon the course of study. In most cases, a student will need to have attended at least two Dipping Night’s to be eligible to successfully graduate with a certificate of completion. 

**During these activations and workshops, SOAP leadership or staff may conduct a spiritual gifting assessment, so that the student can gain the full benefit of learning. The results of these assessments will be provided to the student at the discretion of SOAP leadership. Students may request their results by speaking with the Director Of School. 

Part-Payment is not available for this course


Please see information and protocol regarding part-payment by clicking here.

*Students with special circumstances will be taken into consideration, and may apply for scholarship consideration.

Auditing rate:

$20 per person

This includes introduction + main lecture session.

If you are unable to enroll as a full-time attendee of our SOAP courses or programs, or would prefer to only attend a few classes, you may choose to AUDIT up to 2 sessions. Auditor registration is available at the Registration Desk, and will remain open for 30mins after the start of each session. After this period of time, the sessions will be closed and only registered auditors may sit in.

For more information regarding auditing of classes please click here


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