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The School Of Apostles and Prophets and its courses and programs are focussed on raising up effective, mature, and powerful five fold ministers. In particular, we wish to accept those who are sensing the Prophetic call of God on their lives and know the importance of each fivefold office and it’s integral part in maturing the Body of Christ for Jesus Christ’s triumphant return.

To help promote their success, an applicant must demonstrate their suitability for the demands of ministry training and calling. Consequently, to gain entry to SOAP, an applicant must:


[li-row]Be a committed Christian (for at least the last 12 months).[/li-row]
[li-row]Be a regular and active member of a local church (for at least the last 12 months).[/li-row]
[li-row]Be at least 18 years of age by the time they start their desired program.[/li-row]
[li-row]Students must be in agreement with our doctrinal statement. Linked to the We Believe“, section on our website.[/li-row]
[li-row]Be living a faithful Christian lifestyle consistent with our Student Code of Conduct. [/li-row]
[li-row]Have successfully completed high school, or have equivalent post-school life and work experience.[/li-row]
[li-row]Have access to sufficient financial resources to cover their fees and course materials.[/li-row]
[li-row]Have the physical, emotional, psychological, and intellectual health and capacity required to successfully undertake the demands of ministry training.[/li-row]
[li-row]Be proficient in spoken and written English.[/li-row]

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In addition, acceptance into our Advanced Equipping programs is conditional upon successful completion of our Pre-requistie courses and programs of study.

Some courses may require additional requirements to be accepted into their program of study. Please see the “Additional Course Requirements” section under the course you are interested in enrolling.

An applicant may be asked to provide additional evidence that they meet these requirements. From time to time, the SOAP may apply additional conditions in relation to the above entry requirements. This will be done in the best interest of the applicant, based on our experience of the demands of ministry training and equipping, to ensure they are set up to not only succeed but fulfill their complete potential.

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