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Engaging the marketplace as a field for harvest is one of the biggest challenges of the modern Church.  Bunker-type Christianity has developed passivity and exclusiveness in believers to the point that we have disengaged ourselves from the world we are meant to reach.  The Business and Administration stream equips the student on two essential levels.  The first level is the spiritual side of business and seeks to develop business ethics consistent with Biblical moral standards.  While money gives us power, it is not to be worshipped but put in its proper Kingdom perspective.  Greed, opulence, control and manipulation have no place in Christian business ethics and protocol.  This level of the course develops resilience for the marketplace minister.  Marketplace ministers are to have money, but money is not to have them.

The second level is the practical side of Christians dealing with a corrupt monetary system.  This side concentrates on marketing, accounting, financial markets, investments, precious metals, IRA’s, health insurance, small business development and many more practical issues that students need to familiarize themselves with in order to be competitive in the world.

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Courses Available in this Stream

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