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This Stream offers a Certificate of Attainment in the Prophetic. The Fivefold Ministry stream’s mandate is to equip and ignite the gift and anointing of those called to the offices of apostle, prophet, evangelist pastor and teacher–with an emphasis on those called to the Prophetic and Apostolic offices. This is the foundation of all S.O.A.P. courses and not only focusses on developing the students prophetic and spiritual gifts, but also training and enhancing character and manhood and establishing strong foundation and maturity.

Although the apostle and prophet rely heavily on the revelatory gifts, S.O.A.P. believes sound theological foundations are essential for keeping ministers grounded and covered no matter what their call is.  We recommend this stream to members and leaders of the Body of Christ in any category, but especially those called to the Fivefold Ministry–In particular, those called to the office of Apostle and Prophet.


These courses are essential for effective Prophetic and Apostolic ministry and are the foundation of our prophetic syllabus and teachings. 

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Courses Available In This Stream

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