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Every wind of doctrine is available to anyone in America, and through the internet – the world!  While SOAP promotes the activation of all Spiritual gifts in every sphere of our society, we also know that sound theology is the bedrock of all practice.  Our Theology and Biblical Foundation stream puts the greatest emphasis on the Scripture and the essential doctrines of our faith.

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  • Laying The Foundations (Six Doctrines of Christ)
  • The Great Doctrines of The Bible (The Godhead, Christology, Angels, Demons, the Church, Man, Salvation, Satan, Scriptures etc)
  • Eschatology.  (The Beginning of the End)
  • Rock Solid (Introduction To Church Life)
  • Old and New Testament Survey
  • Interpreting The Scriptures
  • Every Wind Of Doctrine
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Courses Available in this Stream

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