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Every wind of doctrine is available to anyone in America, and through the internet – the world!  While SOAP promotes the activation of all Spiritual gifts in every sphere of our society, we also know that sound theology is the bedrock of all practice.  Our Theology and Biblical Foundation stream puts the greatest emphasis on the Scripture and the essential doctrines of our faith.

Here are some of the topics and courses that may interest the theologian and laymen alike :

Laying The Foundations (Six Doctrines of Christ)

The Great Doctrines of The Bible (The Godhead, Christology, Angels, Demons, the Church, Man, Salvation, Satan, Scriptures etc)

Eschatology.  (The Beginning of the End)

Rock Solid (Introduction To Church Life)

Old and New Testament Survey

Interpreting The Scriptures

Every Wind Of Doctrine

[maxtitle type=”2″ heading=”4″ maxtitle_content=”Hear from our students”][testimonial_slider type=”tri” process_item=”%5B%7B%22process_name%22%3A%22Ashley%22%2C%22process_subtitle%22%3A%22Relationship%20%26%20Intimacy%20Stream%20Student%22%2C%22process_testimonial_content%22%3A%22The%20courses%20and%20programs%20at%20SOAP%20have%20made%20an%20extraordinary%20impact%20on%20my%20life%20and%20My%20relationship%20with%20God.%20They%20continue%20to%20bring%20me%20freedom%20in%20a%20lot%20of%20areas%20in%20my%20walk%20with%20Him.%20I%20have%20also%20learned%20about%20how%20God%20sees%20me%20and%20how%20He%20sees%20those%20in%20my%20sphere%20of%20influence.%20The%20relational%20courses%20have%20been%20just%20as%20amazing%20as%20the%20educational%20courses%20that%20focus%20on%20biblical%20principals%2C%20how%20they%20were%20applied%20in%20the%20past%20and%20how%20to%20apply%20them%20in%20the%20present%20day.%20Of%20course%20I’m%20still%20walking%20out%20what%20I’ve%20learned%20but%20with%20these%20courses%2C%20I%20only%20want%20to%20go%20further%20and%20deeper%20in%20Christ.%22%2C%22process_first_social%22%3A%22twitter%22%2C%22process_second_social%22%3A%22twitter%22%2C%22process_third_social%22%3A%22twitter%22%2C%22process_fourth_social%22%3A%22twitter%22%7D%5D”]
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The courses and programs at SOAP have made an extraordinary impact on my life and My relationship with God. They continue to bring me freedom in a lot of areas in my walk with Him. I have also learned about how God sees me and how He sees those in my sphere of influence. The relational courses have been just as amazing as the educational courses that focus on biblical principals, how they were applied in the past and how to apply them in the present day. Of course I’m still walking out what I’ve learned but with these courses, I only want to go further and deeper in Christ.

– Ashley

Courses Available In This Stream

Beginning Of The End

This seminar will give the Saints a general overview of events that will be distinct signs of the end times. We will begin by discussing the spirit and manifestation of the Antichrist. We will also take a Historical look at Satan’s attempts at world domination and discover the Church’s involvement in the end times.

Another important study will involve certain theological schools of thought. This will include pre, mid, and post tribulation rapture theories;  the judgement of the church at Christ’s second return; and the Great White Throne judgement — when time as we know it, comes to an end and the Eternal States begin.

By taking students through an in-depth study and deeper look into scripture, we will begin to understand these different schools of thought and eschatological subjects, and therefore gain a greater grasp on what our part as the Church is to play in these end times and how we can prepare ourselves spiritually, mentally, and practically for Christ’s return.