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Worship is more than just music and singing, it’s our interaction within the presence of God. In worship, we ascribe to the Lord his worth, therefore worship = Worth + ship. In this stream students are taught what it is to truly worship and how to transition their worship from an experience into a lifestyle. Our Worship Stream lays the foundations for all believers to build their worship upon Who He is, What He’s done, and How He moves. Students will learn the theology of worship as instated by the great Old Testament Worship leaders such as: David, Jubal, and Asaph. They will also sharpen their skills in all areas of their skills so that everything is done with excellence. Finally, students will be equipped to move in prophetic palmistry and worship, learn what it is to lead from a life of worship, and be fully equipped to activate that in their personal, ministerial, and church life.

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This stream also focusses on all forms of creativity and arts. Mediums such as music, singing, dance, acting, spoken word, creative writing, photography, art, and visual design are all enhanced through this stream.  Our God is the ultimate creator, therefore students will learn the what it is to truly be creative. Through hands on classes and activation, students will refine and perfect their creative skills while learning the purpose of their individual gifts. Another key element of this stream teaches the student how to affect the mountain of the arts and win it for Christ. Rather than following trends, we as the church must set the trends that the world follows.  This stream equips the student to marry the creative gift with their prophetic gift so  that they are on the cutting edge of creativity, and releasing waves of new innovation and expression from heaven.

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