S.O.A.P. acknowledges that the materials used in this course have been seeded by founding Fathers of the faith, their sacrifice, and the giving of their lives to see the Prophetic and Apostolic movement become a reality and restored function in the Church of Jesus Christ. We adhere to the principles taught by these men and women of God, and take no ownership for their written materials, methods, and modules.

Therefore, The School Of Apostles and Prophets acknowledges the men and women of God listed below. It is their pioneering and sacrifice which has made a way for others to reach God and unleash the fullness of their gifting in the Fivefold Ministry

The School OF Apostles and Prophets wishes to thank and recognize the following Men and Women of God:
Dr Bill Hamon and Evelyn Hamon
Dr Robyn Kassas and Ps. Tony Kassas
Dr Mark Virkler and Patti Virkler
Rev. Kevin Conner
Ministers Fellowship International
Christian International
Times of Refreshing Christian Center New York
Times Of Refreshing Christian Center Sydney, Australia
William Leader
… and many other faithful men and women of God