Code Of Conduct

Part of the school’s mandate is not only to educate the student in the knowledge of Christ, but to also develop a Christ-like character in each person attending the school.  Filling the head with knowledge is is only a part of the process, filling the heart with the Holy Spirit and His fruit is our ultimate goal.

Our reward in the eternal ages is based on the fruit of the Spirit, not knowledge or works!  Therefore, SOAP students are encouraged to develop Christ’s character in their dealings with fellow students and the people in the culture we are called to reach.
Therefore all students of the School of Apostles and Prophets are required to follow this code of conduct.

Relational Conduct
Ministerial Conduct

Relational Conduct:

– Be respectful to the faculty, staff and fellow students.

– Adopt an honesty code — be as open as the Holy Spirit would require. Students are encouraged to fellowship in the light, and have no hidden lifestyles. Total transparency is required for permanent growth and change.

– Maintain a biblical conviction on matters pertaining to truthfulness, humility, teachableness, being correctable, adjustable, dependable and joyful.

– Punctuality is essential to get the full benefit of the course/program. Students will therefore attend class on time.

– Students will not be permitted to enter the class after 30 mins. Latecomers may not be allowed into the class after repeated lateness.

– Attend all teaching and practicum classes.

– Attend all classes in your course of study.  People who may miss two or more classes will not receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course. (Special circumstances can be discussed with the Director Of School). 

– Students are required to attend at least two “Dipping Nights” at TORCC NYC as part of their practicum.  Failure to do so may result in your course being categorized as “incomplete”.

– Adopt squeaky clean relationships with the student Body.  Students are discouraged to develop romantic relationships in the school as their primary goal here is to learn and develop their character.  SOAP is not meant to be a dating or romance medium, however, there are some times when the Holy Spirit may use the interaction between students to reveal His plan for their lives.

– SOAP encourages biblical standards of moral behavior.  Sexual misconduct, substance abuse, dishonesty, false witness, theft, drunkenness, profanity or any behavior that is contrary to Christian witness is unacceptable.

Ministerial Conduct:

– SOAP believes that the Holy Spirit is in the business of building His people up not tearing them down.  Exercising a spiritual gift is not a license to say or share whatever you like!

– SOAP Students must stay within the ministerial guidelines of the teacher of the course during the teaching or practical sessions.  Generally, the activation of a spiritual gift is to edify, exhort, and comfort the recipient.  This is generally the scope by which each student should direct their activations.  Revelations that are correctional, directional, or judgmental will not be permitted in the classroom and the duration of the course.

– SOAP encourages its students to demonstrate love and value upon the recipients of their ministry BEFORE they do the ministry.

– The Spirit of Grace is the foundation for an atmosphere of learning.  Students make mistakes sometimes and thats how they learn.  SOAP students are encouraged to be gracious when a fellow student or even themselves may seem to “miss the mark”. This is not falsehood, but a learning student of the Word.

– Ministry outside the safety parameters of the classroom are strongly discouraged.

– Exercising spiritual gifts by novices and ‘know it alls’ may lead to serious offense, doctrinal error, and misuse of spiritual gifting and authority.  Students are encouraged to keep their ministry within the classroom setting until they have reached a level of competence which satisfies the Dean of School.  This competency is based on the student activating all the knowledge and fruit of the Spirit promoted in the classroom and in the practical activations.

– The teachings of the school are to be practiced as conditions of enrollment. Any person acting or ministering in such a way that is contrary to the teachings and/or spirit of mutual edification during their attendance, during or after course hours, will be approached by the apostolic oversight team and issued a warning.

– If unacceptable ministry methods or actions continue after the first warning, the Dean reserves the right to expel that person/s from the course and School and to retrieve all the teaching material associated with the course including the teaching manual issued at enrollment.

– The teachings of the school and its courses are based on the Authority of Scripture. However, the school also recognizes that the implementation of the prophetic gifts, and the exercising thereof in the local church, must be submitted to the senior ministry of the church and hopefully operated with its blessing.  S.O.A.P. strongly supports the autonomous and Spirit-led structure of the local church and encourages that all its students be at peace with their leaders as much as it is possible (Rom 12:18).

Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.