Conditions Of Enrollment

Enrollment in the School of Apostles & Prophets (S.O.A.P) courses is subject to the following terms and conditions. These terms have been put in place to keep both SOAP and the student in full integrity, maturity, and accountability.

  • Enrollment
  • Course Requirements
  • Attendance
  • Workshops
  • Practicum

Enrollment Requirements

 – Students must have read and agree with our statement of faith. You can read our statement of faith by visiting
 – Students must have successfully completed and submitted the following forms for their enrollment:
 – Application Form
 – Pastoral Reference Form
 – Personal Reference Form
 – Along with their application, successfully submitted their $20 application fee. This fee is payable via the online application form.
 – Has familiarized themselves with their specific course/program of study.
 – Has signed all student agreements.
 – Is ready to undertake a lifestyle of study, training, and spiritual growth.

Course Requirements

 – Each course/program will have specific requirements that the student needs to fulfill. 

 – You can view these requirements by visiting
 – Some courses may require additional requirements to be accepted into their program of study. Please see the “Additional Course Requirements” section under the course you are interested in enrolling.


Attendance Requirements

 – Students will be permitted to be absent for no more than two lecture sessions.
 – If a student knows that they will not be present for a specific date, the student must notify the Director of the School no later than one week after orientation.
 – If a student has been granted permission to miss a session, the student may then apply to have the recorded materials from that session.
 – Materials can be provided for the requested session only once approved by the Director of the School.

 – If a student is found absent for more than two sessions, the following action will be taken:
 1. Written Warning
 2. Termination of Enrollment without a refund

Workshops Requirements

 – S.O.A.P. in conjunction with TORCC NY, will conduct it’s prophetic ministry nights called, “Dipping Night” — as a part of the curriculum of the Apostolic and Prophetic Stream of study. This will be a chance for students to put what they have learnt into practice and to receive some feedback to make them ready and capable of ministering in Apostolic and Prophetic ministry.

 – Attendance to this event is mandatory and required to successfully receive a certificate of completion. (This applies to certain streams only. Please see “specific course requirements”).
 – The required amount of attendance for each individual event will be dependent upon the course of study. In most cases, a student will need to have attended at least two Dipping Night’s to be eligible to successfully graduate with a certificate of completion.


 – This is an interactive school requiring students to participate in practical activations. These activations will be conducted under the guidance of the senior S.O.A.P. leadership team.

 – All students that are enrolled in the course must participate in these activations.
Journalling and group sharing is an essential key used in the Relationship & Intimacy Stream to truly establish connection between the students heart and the revelation being shared. It is out of our desire to see the students establish complete intimacy with Jesus Christ that journalling will be required at the end of each session.

 – Group sharing will take place at the start of each session and continue for 3o mins. During this time, students will be encouraged to share with the class personal application, journalling, and specific assignments. The teacher’s assistant will moderate the group sharing and will open the floor up for students to share their questions from the previous session.

 – Journalling assignments will may given at the end of each session. Your teacher will give you the amount of time before an assignment is required. Students must submit their assignments before the due date.

 – Participation in group sharing is mandatory for each session. Please see our code of conduct regarding sharing personal revelations and journals with SOAP Leadership and staff. 
 *During these activations and workshops, SOAP leadership or staff may conduct a spiritual gifting assessment, so that the student can gain the full benefit of learning. The results of these assessments will be provided to the student at the discretion of SOAP leadership.

** Students will be encouraged to share with the class only from journals and personal revelations which they feel comfortable doing so.

*** Students may request their results by speaking with the Director Of School.