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We endeavor to remain Biblical and ethical in it’s use of materials from our own contributors and other various authors. Therefore students are encouraged to do the same by following the guidelines listed below.


Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.

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Copyright Terms & Agreements:
  1. Any reproduction, copying, sharing, lecturing etc. by students is not permitted without written consent by the Dean of SOAP – D.r. Robyn Kassas.
  2. Any students found teaching or using any of the methods, materials, or modules, used in these classes for any other reason then their personal growth and spiritual walk will be in breach of copyright. We must remain in full integrity and bring credit to the men and women of God who have lived, sacrificed, and pioneered these groundbreaking truths!
  3. Duplication of any of the teaching materials, including the manuals, videos, all printed materials, and all recorded material is prohibited.  Written permission to copy materials may be sought after by contacting the Director Of School in writing (email).
  4. SOAP has been granted permission and authorization to use the books, methods, materials, and teachings of the ministers listed in our acknowledgements, as a source of reference for the academic curriculum of the school.  These will be used for inspiration and practical application of the course material.
  5. Course video access will be limited to the time the student remains in active enrollment.

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