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For The Office

Our Vision

We will be active in restoring integrity to the complete Fivefold Office and ministry – with a special emphasis on the Apostolic and Prophetic office. (We understand that because of immaturity, lack of training, poorly used methods, and wrong motives, the Fivefold office has been misunderstood and rejected by the Church at large).

We will dedicate ourselves to seeing the Body Of Christ walk in their spirituality with full maturity so that the Fivefold office is respected and essential in every church.

We will see this office restored back to the Church in it’s fullness of authority, as well as accountability, so that Christ can take His rightful place as the complete fullness of each Fivefold office.

As this restoration takes place, we will truly understand the weight and responsibility that comes with this great calling, and know that before we can walk in this commission, we need to allow a heart of intercession and compassion.

Just like the great Prophets of the Old Testament, we will not only be instrumental in speaking God’s Word into existence; we will be accountable to stay in the fight, live through it, and see it matured until it comes to pass.

We will call the Prophets out of their Caves, and call the Dead bones brought to life.

For The Individual

Our Vision

We will dedicate to see each student fully equipped by activating their God given gifts through hands on training and impartation. 

We will see the saint walk in complete wholeness and healed from all hinderances that block them from realizing their true identity in Christ Jesus. 

Through cultivating an abiding lifestyle, we will draw the student into their real, relevant, and relational intimacy in Christ Jesus.

We will see each person go beyond just implementing biblical principles, but live revelatory realties every day. 

We will mentor generations by creating close relationships that keep both the student and teacher accountable through complete transparency and love. 

We will see the grace of God poured out on the student, so that transformation and change will be permanent. 

We will see each person revived and refreshed for the placement in the Global Body Of Christ. 

We will see each student not just stay at the level of discovering their gifts and callings, but excel into the activation of each gift and calling, so that fruit can be born and their ministry is trademarked with excellence, accountability, and change. 

We will work from love, and not for love!

Our Culture

The School Of Apostle and Prophets has developed a sub-culture that parallels with our church’s member assimilation process. Because our courses offer the healing and restoration of the student, alongside their equipping and maturing into ministry, it is necessary to create an atmosphere of grace and excellence in all streams of the school.


Many may come to our school with their hearts set on one particular stream of study or ministry but once enrolled, a season of discovery opens for the student. People become aware of God’s love and willingness to reveal Himself and their gifts beyond their horizons. The more we get to know Jesus, the more we realize how much more there is do discover. In our experience of nearly thirty years of ministry, approximately eighty percent of believers do not know their calling in Christ. SOAP assists the student in discovering their individuality, gifting and calling, through counseling and the prophetic presbytery.


All of us bring baggage into the kingdom and to the church’s we call home. Life before and after being born-again, dealt us with some harsh blows emotionally and sometimes physically. While our main aim is to equip and train you, we also realize that this cannot be fully accomplished until the soul is healed and transformed. We give room for and if necessary time for recovery. This is especially a feature of our relational stream of study.


We all need a sense of belonging. Some have been members of their churches for years and still feel estranged. There may be a number of reasons for this, but again it may be related to not knowing one’s call. Our placement in the Body includes the vital role of our leaders in that process. Placement determines our function, and our functionality is vital for growth, both for ourselves and the church. SOAP helps each student find their place and function.


Christian maturity is really a deep character building process. Maturity draws out the motive and methods of ministry not just the results. Mature Christians are experienced in the grace trials of the Master that have developed them into patient and understanding saints. Maturity also speaks of fruitfulness. SOAP is committed to the Maturation of its students.


Leadership is about reproducing yourself in others. Reproduction includes preparing the next generation of saints that will transform their world. This is the pinnacle of the five step process and the goal that Jesus sets infall of us. We may not all be called as leaders, but we are all called to disciple people. We must all be fruitful and multiply, helping others to let Christ do in them as He has done in us.

The Approach

The Hebrew language uses one root (lamad) for the two words “to teach” and “to learn.” In the Hebrew culture, the teacher has not taught unless the student has learned. All learning and teaching is ultimately to be found in the fear of the Lord. The goal of teaching is not the impartation of facts but the changing of lives. For the Hebrew, knowledge (yada) involves personal encounter and response to God’s revelation. In the lamad method of learning, we are returning to the Hebraic concept of education, including this personal encounter and revelation. The gathering of Christians becomes a place of impassioned discussion and the sharing of real life experience. It is a place where we meet God and share in the life experiences of others. This becomes a place where we practice truth. The classroom is not separated from life but is actually part of our lives.

The Key Components to Revelation-Based Learning

Learning is to be lifelong

It is impossible to cram education into the early years of our lives. Learning, transformation, assimilation, and creativity are lifelong matters, with extended periods of time being given to first one topic and then another, until one’s giftedness has been multiplied manifold (Matt. 25:20)

Classes Must Be Encounters

The Greeks emphasized “detached information,” while the Hebrews stressed “personal encounter”. It was important to the Hebrews that each learner personally encounter and be transformed by what was before them. Spiritual encounter and response to the revelation of God are the central dynamic of Scripture. The classroom is life. If we offer classes, we must make sure they are life encounters in which we practice truth.

Heart Based Learning

Revelation based learning recognizes the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart, a good conscience, and a sincere faith (1 Tim. 1:5). You will notice that all of these are heart realities. The mind is made to serve the heart. All training is to be heart focused. Mankind has been forbidden to eat from the “tree of knowledge of good and evil”. Instead, we are to eat from the “Tree of Life,” Jesus Christ!

Revelation is fueled by interaction

Personal encounter demands a teaching style of guided self-discovery, where the student is guided in his own uncovering of the truth. Revelation based learning encourages the flow of revelation within the hearts of the students. Discovery often happens best in a lively interchange within the classroom. Therefore, effective group interaction must be promoted and guided by the revelation based facilitator.

Abiding Realities

“Now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love” (1 Cor. 13:13). Certain things are central to life and eternity; others are not. Anger, fear, and doubt are temporary and will be swallowed up by the realities that abide forever: faith, hope, and love. Revelation-based curriculum constantly emphasizes the abiding realities, instilling them in the lives of its students.

Live from Union & Communion

Man is to live out of the river of God. This is accomplished by lifting up our eyes in worship to the King, becoming consumed by His presence. While we are in the Lord’s presence, we acknowledge that we no longer live, but that Christ is our life, and the life we now live is by faith (Gal. 2:20). We live out of daily fellowship with the Holy Spirit, recognizing that everything done outside of divine flow is a dead work.

*These are the key components involved to successful Revelation Based Learning as listed on Christian Leadership University’s Website. Because SOAP is under Apostolic guidance and in close relationship with CLU the same format of Lamad learning is adopted and applied to all methods of learning. 

SOAP takes no credit for the preceding method and has been granted special permission by Dr Mark Virkler (Founder & President) to use and list these tools.

For more information please CLU’s Website.

The Lifestyle

Real. Relevant. Relational

Worldly people’s view of the Church is usually that it is an organized religion full of rituals and mindsets that irrelevant to the modern society.  For the most part they are right!  The Church is mainly filled with dead religious works.  Our aim is to change that by showing people that Jesus is REAL.

A real person with real answers to real problems in the world.  That means that the Church needs to address issues that are RELEVANT to the cultures around it, with the Holy Spirit’s responses.  Both these things cannot be achieved unless we develop relationships with people affected by these issues.  We show people how much we care for them before  we try and influence them