Spiritual Accountability

Spiritual Oversight and accountability is an essential part of healthy growth for every believer and strongly supported by Scripture. SOAP students are therefore championed to agree to the following terms stated below:


As a student enrolled in The School Of Apostles And Prophets the student agrees to the following:

1. All students are required to sign the spiritual accountability agreement.

2. All students will agree to submit to the spiritual oversight of SOAP. Students need to display character that is teachable, able to be molded, and most importantly, full of love towards all other students, staff, volunteers, and instructors of SOAP.

3. All revelations, prophecies, journals, and spiritual gifting activations are subject to the scrutiny of the instructor of the course/program and the Dean of School.

4. All students need to submit to the spiritual counsel of the faculty or leadership pertaining to things that are directly related to the teachings of the School.

5. As SOAP is a hot learning environment, students need to allow the faculty and leaders to speak into areas that need to be adjusted or corrected in their walk with the Lord so that the truths being taught may be applied as a lifestyle in their Christian life.

6. All interactions between faculty and students are to be in line with the student code of conduct.

As your oversight while studying in the School Of Apostles and Prophets we as leaders agree to the following:

1. Pray and seek the Lord for His counsel and direction for your lives to the best of our ability as each occasion arises.

2. Keep all material and revelations submitted absolutely confidential, unless permission is given by you to do so, for the benefit of others.

3. Never ask you to do anything that contradicts the Scriptures or the Spirit of Grace.

4. Not lord it over you, but to encourage obedience to Christ by our example in godly living.

5. Submit ourselves to our own apostolic oversight